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Free shipping on all orders 10K and up!
Free shipping on all orders 10K and up!

X2 Counter Stool

Color: Blackbean

ARTLESS X Stool is the result of a very simple exercise in Platonic forms, allowing you to appreciate simple geometric shapes from every angle. The design never leaves out some of the ARTLESS basics like 2" solid Walnut and complete comfort in the leather top.

ARTLESS X Stools come in three sizes yet operate under the same design principal. The X1 stool is 18" tall, the X2 counter height stool is 26", and finally the X3 is bar height at 30". The base is an 18" by 18" solid Walnut X. In profile we can see a triangle rise up, and if viewed from the top we see the geometric circle of the seat.

Stool top: 16” D X 26’ H

ARTLESS leather + cushioned seat + solid walnut swivel base + blackened steel / polished brass foot rest

Lead time: 4-6 weeks

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