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Free shipping on all orders 10K and up!

The Lonley Chair


The lonely chair is a one of a kind piece. It is the only piece I’ve ever conceived as a rumination on melancholia. It is a chair for reflection, an art object that is a-temporal. It looks old, it has a weathered aesthetic, the front right leg looks like it came from an other chair. The chair seems repaired, patched up, used. The chair’s premise is a question: how can a chair convey a mood?, in this case a sense of sadness. The chair is comfortable to sit in, the idea being, it is both a pleasure to sit in as well as to look at. Sadness I believe is a beautiful feeling, easy to express in certain mediums but not in furniture.

aged walnut + rush seat + belgian linen + leather

One of a kind

25" X 23" X 35" H