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Free shipping on all orders 10K and up!
Free shipping on all orders 10K and up!

LRG Sofa Trays + Work Table


The ARTLESS LRG Side + Back Trays and LRG Work Table are the perfect complements for the LRG Sofas.

ARTLESS LRG Tray is an accessory to the LRG Sofa line, but in reality it’s more of a symbiotic relationship, as the sofas were conceived with the trays in mind. They offer a versatility that cannot be overlooked but also enhance the sofa’s appeal by offering an every-angle approach. By making the LRG Sofa a highly functional "machine for living," the tray is not merely a shelf for showcasing knickknacks but also a landing place for hot or cold drinks, remote controls, keys, phones, ashtrays, more drinks, popcorn bowls, and so on.

ARTLESS LRG Work Table is perfect for anyone who needs a sofa with a built-in desk. And, for those who didn't know they needed one—well, now you know. The LRG Work Table is made entirely out of solid walnut and has two drawers for a quick tidy-up. It can also be combined with the LRG Tray.

LRG Side Tray: 24" W 6" D 16" H
LRG Back Tray: 88" W 8" D 16" H
LRG Sofa Work Table: 55" W 20" D 30" H

Trillium filled down proof ticking + solid walnut base

Lead time: 4 weeks

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